Heavy Weight Handwraps 180" (3pk)

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Hypnotik Heavy Weight Handwraps 180" (3pk)are proof that not all handwraps are created equal! Hypnotik is a particular mental state where the mind tunes out all other distractions and is solely focused on the task at hand. Hypnotik has designed the optimal handwraps so when you're in the zone, your gear should be the last thing on your mind.

  • 2" wide
  • 3 pack printed wash bag
  • 1 pair of black, blue and red each
  • Heavy Weight
  • Features the classic Hypnotik logo
  • Superior hand protection and bio-alignment
  • Ultra Soft Design with 100% optimal elasticity
  • Superior breathability and unmatched comfort
  • 180" Length Handwraps
  • Maximum performance-grade materials
  • Imported
  • more

    Heavy Weight Handwraps 180" (3pk)


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