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Priscilla "NoGi Priss" Herrera was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley where she grew up dancing competitively.  After attending the University of Texas at Austin, Priscilla became a certified yoga instructor. She was introduced to 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and Curtis Hembroff while she was working at Onnit and Black Swan Yoga.  Priscilla’s dance and yoga background was great for learning Jiu Jitsu. She became obsessed with 10th Planet Warmups, the skeleton of Eddie Bravo’s system and made it her mission to share them with world on her Instagram, @nogipriss.  She has won numerous gold medals, a Naga Belt, and has competed in the Eddie Bravo Invitational.


Yoga | NoGi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Rio Grande Valley, TX

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8 Bit Jiu-Jitsu Long Sleeve Rashguard, Grapplepack Backpack and AtomLyte Gi

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